Best Sex Tips Of Small Penis Size

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  • Try different methods and techniques:- Experimenting gives you new results and outcomes, thus men with small penis size should try different tricks, positions, and methods of having sex to find their right one.
  • Size doesn’t matter:- Most of the time as men, you worry a lot about your penis size but in reality, there are a lot of other factors that matter more than your penis size. Thus don’t be shy about your small size as most women or las vegas escorts prefer small size for long term sexual relations.
  • Orgasm requires foreplay and other activities than the only penis:- Sex is not just about penetration with a penis, it is a mental and emotional activity too, thus mental stimulation, foreplay, teasing, sexual arousal, intimate touches, etc. Everything matters for a good orgasm.
  • Open up:- remove your hesitation and open up during sex as confidence in yourself is way more sexy and attractive than a penis. As every male has a penis but only a few have confidence that makes them sexy and manly.
  • Slow down during sex:- Men with a small penis should slow down during sex as if you go fast, there is a slight chance that your partner or las vegas call girls doesn’t get any stimulation or arousal which makes them dissatisfied. Thus focus on quality rather than speed.

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